CREST is an international not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that represents and supports the technical information security market

CREST provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations and professional level certifications for individuals providing penetration testing, cyber incident response, threat intelligence and Security Operations Centre (SOC) services.

Why is it important to use CREST Member companies?

  • Access to trusted service organisations utilising highly skilled, knowledgeable and competent individuals
  • Recourse on bad practice through effective and enforceable Codes of Conduct
  • Procurement and decision support
  • Industry benchmarks
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Benefits of using a CREST Member

Why become a CREST member?

  • Access to markets
  • Meaningful differentiator
  • Influencing Industry best practice
  • Access to talent
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Benefits of company accreditation

Why you should become CREST certified

  • Professional recognition in the marketplace
  • Professional career pathways
  • Professional development
  • Industry and peer recognition
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Benefits of CREST Certification

Why become an academic or training partner?

  • CREST Accredited Training Providers
  • Academic Partners
  • Training Partners
  • Students
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Government & Regulators

  • Capacity building
  • Capability building
  • Cyber Security Schemes
  • Industry metrics
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