There are very few recognised differentiators in the IA recruitment marketplace.   The vast majority of preferred supplier lists recognise size and general capability but do not work well for the specialised areas of the marketplace.  Even qualifications in recruitment are not well understood and seldom requested by the buying community.Professional recruitment agencies that have invested in their staff development and have chosen to specialise in specific areas of the IA marketplace provide an excellent service.  Anyone with a telephone and an internet presence can, however, set up a recruitment business.  Lists of specialist IA staff are easily obtainable and these lists are abused to a huge extent with promises of massive salaries or unrealistic contract terms and exciting positions that simply do not exist.

From the buying community perspective they are bombarded by CV’s describing individuals who do not exist, are not interested in moving or do not demonstrate any of the appropriate technical skills nor professional experience necessary to fulfil the requirements of a specialist role.Professional specialist recruiters who invest time and effort to fully understand the marketplace and provide a positive contribution to the development of the industry are not recognised for the efforts.  Unprofessional recruiters who make no effort and do not adhere to any code of conduct are not penalised and continue to operate.

The fast developing penetration testing, intrusion analysis, cyber incident response and security architect marketplace experiences all of the above.

To address these issues, CREST has been in discussion with a number of specialist technical information recruitment companies and collectively they have formed their own, independent body called CERIS, the Confederation of Ethical Recruiters in Information Security.  CERIS has its stated aim as enhancing and improving the services of those providing recruitment services within the Information Security market place.  It intends to:

  • Be regulated, through a vigorous code of conduct & professional membership
  • Assist employers in selecting knowledgeable, professional and ethical recruiters
  • Provide advice and guidance to job seekers through advice, training, development
  • Act as a trusted market place in which services can be exchanged
  • Be the focal point for industry on trends and information relating to the sector
  • Support growth by providing a competitive advantage for its members and customers
Please visit the CERIS website for further information on the organisation and how recruiters can join.