International CyberSecurity Institute (ICSI)

icsi_logo_white_background_2018Course Title:  Certified Penetration Tester (ICSI | CPT)
Course Length:  4 days
Web Link:
Useful preparation for:  CREST Registered Penetration Tester
 CREST Overview
The ICSI CPT course aligns quite closely to the CRT syllabus with a number of the key topics covered.
The course has a good variety of classroom based learning, demonstrations and practical exercises to work through, although as with most courses, three days cannot provide exhaustive coverage of all penetration testing topics.
The course concentrates on infrastructure and in some aspects exceeds the knowledge required for CRT.  Web application components of the syllabus, although mentioned, are not covered in any great depth, however this is not the focus of the course.
Overall this course is recommended for candidates at the earlier stages of their pen testing career, on the way to their CRT qualification and as part of a structured revision programme.

About the Course
This course introduces the fundamentals of penetration testing and how to use Kali Linux to perform penetration testing.

Students will learn about the different phases and types of penetration testing assessments. The students will practice using Kali Linux and its tools to perform target scoping, information gathering, target discovery, target enumeration, vulnerability mapping, social engineering, system exploitation, privilege escalation, and to maintain access to compromised systems. The students will also learn to report the results of their assessments.
It should be noted that the course is available as a live learning and classroom based course and not self study.