Who has access to the application form and the information is contains?

Only the CREST President, Administrator, Accreditor, Associate Accreditor and occasionally the Operations Manager have access to any information relating to the application. This includes details of companies that have signed the NDA and those that are going through the assessment process. No information is shared with any member of the CREST Executive, the CREST Assessors or third parties. If the application is successful, the general corporate information in the application will be made available to the CREST Executive.

The President, Administrator, Accreditor, Associate Accreditor and Operations Manager are all employed by CREST and therefore impartial.

The only exception to this policy is where a company applying for membership initiates an appeal, for example if their application was rejected. At this point an additional, appropriate NDA would be put in place prior to any disclosure outside CREST employees.