What constitutes a "agreed requirement" to make the information in this form available to the CREST Executive?

If you are unsuccessful in your application to join CREST and you launch an appeal (see Section 2 of the Application Form), the information contained in your application form will be made available to the Appeals Committee formed to hear the appeal (see 2.4 for detail of how the Appeals Committee is formed).  In accordance with the Membership Appeals Process, additional NDAs will be put in place to protect the applicant company and the information contained in its application form for membership will not be shared with any party outside CREST.

In addition, if your company is involved in a breach of the CREST Code of Conduct for Member Companies that results in a decision to remove your company from the Register of Members, limited details of your application that relate to the breach will be submitted to the CREST Executive.  In this case, only relevant sections of the application form will be provided and additional specific NDA’s will be obtained and signed by those receiving the information.