I am unhappy with my multiple-choice examination result

If applicable, candidates will be handed a results sheet by Pearson Vue at the end of their multiple-choice examination. Some of these will show a breakdown by subject area and the percentage achieved by the candidate. The examinations assess a number of different subject areas. Each instance of the examination will generate a different number of questions per subject area. The subject areas are not assessed using an equal number of questions for each area. Because of this, two attempts at the same examination can yield different subject area percentage scores but the same percentage score for the examinations as a whole.

CREST give candidates their score as a percentage per subject area solely to help them understand which subject areas they need to work on the most. We also give candidates their percentage score for the examination as a whole. We do not give candidates their absolute scores in any given subject area nor for the examination as a whole under any circumstances.

Candidates should note that the results of multiple-choice examination components are final.