Can I have additional feedback on my exam?

CREST do not provide additional feedback on an individual basis beyond the information provided in the results letter. There are a number of reasons for this:

•  Consistency. It is obviously inconsistent for some candidates to be provided with additional details relating to their exam without that same courtesy being extended to all individuals.

•  Resource. The Assessors’ panel do not have the bandwidth to provide individual feedback on every examination whilst ensuring that the results are provided in a timely manner.

•  Exam Integrity. Although CREST’s aims include the promotion of security best practice within the industry, this needs to be balanced with the need to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the exams. Providing answers or a detailed explanation of the mark scheme for any of the examinations would have an obvious negative effect on the integrity of the exam. Although this may be frustrating, it is also standard practice.

•  Benefit. Feedback on the provided answers without context (or a reminder of the question) will be of limited value. Therefore, the maximum benefit will only be realised if the questions are also disclosed, which would have the effect of revealing the entire mark scheme.

The ultimate purpose of the CREST examinations is to compare the candidate’s ability to a moderated and consistent standard.  The exams are neither intended nor designed to provide training opportunities, although CREST hope that candidates benefit from the process and experience of the examinations.

If a candidate has a genuine belief that marks have not been appropriately awarded or that any element of the examination process has been incorrectly applied to them, the above does not preclude the invocation of the Appeals Process.  However, this process will not reveal the above information; it is in essence a formal review of the examination process as applied to the individual candidate.

This Process is regularly updated and is intended to provide as much detail as possible without affecting the integrity of the examinations.