Can I change the date of my examination?

Yes, you can change the date of your examination once provided you give us 21 days’ written notice (please see our Terms and Conditions).  If you need to reschedule your examination within the 21 day limit and there are extreme extenuating circumstances, please contact CREST and a decision will be taken on a case by case basis although no guarantees can be made.

NOTE:  a rescheduling request due to changes in work or project commitments within the 21 day limit will not be accepted as extenuating circumstances and the standard 21 day policy will apply.

You can also substitute a candidate free of charge if you do not wish to cancel an examination. You may only offer a substitution once.

Any additional changes to those outlined above will incur another examination fee (based on the examination type).

During the current uncertainty caused by Covid-19, CREST will change examination dates without penalty if candidates display Covid-19 symptoms prior to their scheduled examination date.