Can you increase the time permitted during exams?

A number of candidates experience time pressure during CREST examinations, particularly the practical ones, but the time limits are deliberately enforced. The ability to obtain the deliverables required by each question in the time permitted is part of the assessed standard.

The exam timings are designed to allow sufficient time to investigate and derive the required answer, but a candidate who is not familiar with the techniques being examined and needs to repeatedly troubleshoot tool usage or laptop configuration is unlikely to be operating at the level required and consequently will struggle to achieve sufficient marks to pass.

Remember that the CREST practical exams are, as their name states, examinations; they are not primarily designed for training or personal development and, as such, only minimal time is allocated to troubleshooting, diagnostics or debugging tools and techniques. The exams are not simply assessing whether a candidate (given sufficient time) could obtain the answer required; they are assessing whether a candidate is familiar enough with the relevant discipline to be able to perform technical investigations and interventions quickly, accurately and efficiently.  All of the tasks are reasonably achievable providing that the candidate is confident and competent.