ALL CANDIDATES: What techniques do I need to be able to connect to the paperless exam system?

As part of the transition to paperless exams; question packs are made available to candidates via a Samba share on a Unix host. Samba shares emulate shared folders on Windows hosts.

Candidates will be provided with:

Using this information candidates must be able to connect to the host; identify the exposed share and then access that share.

For example, if a candidate is provided with the following details for their exam:

A candidate may consider the following commands from a Windows hosts:

C:\Users\h4x0r>net use \\examanswers\ipc$ /user:candidate “Pa55w0rd”

C:\Users\h4x0r>net view \\examanswers

Shared resources at \\examanswers

Share   name   Type  Used   as  Comment


CRT   Disk

The command completed successfully.

C:\Users\h4x0r> net use * \\examanswers\CRT

Drive Z: is now connected to \\examanswers\CRT.

The command completed successfully.

Note:   The example assumes using a candidate is using a Windows client;  CREST have validated that other operating systems can also access the Samba shares used for exams.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that their testing platform can be used to meet this requirement otherwise they will be unable to successfully complete their examination.