The Assessors

As a certification organisation, CREST operates a small network of Assessors drawn from CREST Member Companies to manage the examination process.  This includes collectively devising syllabus content, invigilating, marking and generally operating the exam environment on behalf of CREST.  The Assessors, jointly, comprise the CREST Assessors Panel.

In addition to passing the exam themselves, all of the Assessors have undergone rigorous additional selection.  They are all employed by industry leading information security companies.

The assessors’ panel reports directly to the CREST board, however due to the obviously very sensitive nature of the work carried out by the assessors, specific technical information about the CREST examination is strictly controlled and available only to the assessors group.  Each Assessor is required to sign a specific Non-Disclosure Agreement.

A copy of the selection policy for Assessors can be found here:  Assessor Selection Policy