Students – how to get involved with CREST

To join the CREST student community you need to be working towards an information security related subject in higher education. To sign up, please email [email protected]

CREST events and workshops

As part of the CREST student community we give you access to the latest CREST research and the opportunity to attend CREST conferences, either as a delegate, a volunteer or to demonstrate your work. For example, a number of students every year attend our flagship event, CRESTCon, to write up on the speaker sessions for the CREST member newsletter, while others attend to showcase their research projects.

Careers advice and guidance

CREST actively works with colleges and universities to encourage the very best people to consider a career in the cyber security industry. To build talent for the future, we must invest in training and development today. By working closely with academia, CREST is able to invest in developing capacity in this future talent pool. CREST can support students in seeking internship and work placement opportunities in addition to career advice and guidance.

As part of CREST’s ongoing commitment to reducing the cyber skills shortage has developed several careers guides aimed at encouraging more young people into a career in cyber.

Along with technical presentations and webinars on our YouTube channel, there are a number of videos entitled ‘Day in the Life’ available that offer advice on working in the information assurance industry from those actively involved.

Get involved with CREST Research

CREST commissions research reports to provide key insight into the challenges facing the industry from cyber-crime to skills shortage and diversity issues.

To download these documents, go to:

We would welcome involvement from our student community. If you would like to get involved with future research projects, contact [email protected]


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