CREST Careers Guides

Cyber Security Careers Guide for University Students
With the support of CyberFirst and Inspired Careers, CREST has developed a careers guide for University students who are considering a career in cyber security.  Download a PDF copy here: Careers Guide

Digital Defenders (14-18 year old) Careers Guide – Reasons to work in cyber security
Working with the Cabinet Office, CREST has developed a careers guide and interactive PDF for school children who may want to consider a career in cyber security.  Please download from the following link and view in Acrobat for the best experience: Digital Defenders

If you would like printed copies of the guide, please contact [email protected]

GCSE Reform: A New Dawn of Computer Science
CREST members met with the examinations board AQA to discuss cyber security and GCSEs.  This discussion paper stems from the discussions at that workshop and has been shared with the Government.  You can download the paper here: CREST GCSE Reform Report