NCA Cyber Crime Report

CREST and NCA workshop report now available to view and download

Recent events, such as the TalkTalk hack, have highlighted the extent to which young people can become involved in cyber crime. In September 2015, representatives from CREST member companies met the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCA NCCU) at a workshop designed to assist the NCCU’s efforts to prevent young people being tempted to participate in illegal online activities.
The workshop was convened as part of NCA work to strengthen the NCCU’s Prevent campaign, which targets young people and aims to explain clearly to them what is illegal online; the potential consequences of cybercrime for victims and for perpetrators; and the benefits of an interesting and rewarding career in the technical security industry for those who use their technical abilities for legitimate purposes.

This discussion paper provides details about the findings of the workshop. It is also intended to stimulate further discussion and debate, within the technical security industry and beyond, on additional actions that could be taken to achieve the goals of the NCCU’s campaign. Both CREST and the NCA would welcome further input from readers of this paper.

The findings from the workshop are now available to download here:  CREST NCA Cyber Crime Report.