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NTA Monitor is a group of people passionate about information security.  Our business model is based on building lasting relationships with organisations that are serious about managing their information security risk and typically looking for more than just a tick in the box.  Services include:

Since our formation in 1996, NTA has been purely focused on providing information security service so this is our specialist subject.  Our people are knowledgeable and experienced and always keen to hear about the particular challenges you are facing.

We have grown NTA to be more than a “pen tester”, being a partner who can step up and guide you through the risk management and mitigation process to make this more controllable and ultimately more achievable.


Penetration Testing

Contact: Roy Hills
+44 (0)1634 721855
[email protected]

At NTA, we want our services, our reports and our people to be held in high regard by our clients so we will not simply rely on automated, high level scanning from a commercial or freeware tool.  Every penetration test will use these tools as a part of the deliverable.

The majority of testing uses our own test engine and the experience, knowledge and ability of our people providing manual penetration testing.

All of our testing services can be adapted to suit all requirements.

NTA Monitor can compete tests under the PCI, CREST and CESG CHECK schemes.

CREST Qualified Consultants:
Practitioner Security Analyst:  Yes
Registered Penetration Testers:  Yes
Certified Web Application Testers:  Yes
Certified Infrastructure Testers:  Yes
Certified Wireless Testers:  No

Cyber Essentials

To find out more about our Cyber Essentials service, please click here.

Vulnerability Assessment