Individual Complaints and Resolutions

As part of the individual certification process, CREST requires all examination Candidates to sign up to a mandatory Code of Conduct.  This Code of Conduct contains the basic principles that underpin good business practice and ethics.  It describes the standards of practice and behaviour that are expected of individuals holding a CREST qualification and is enforceable by CREST if necessary.

The CREST Individual Complaints and Resolutions measures apply to complaints about an individual holding a valid CREST Qualification and outline the Principles that CREST will follow and the Measures that we will take to investigate a complaint and reach a conclusion that is both fair and accepted by both Parties.  They may also be used to investigate incidents occurring during CREST examinations in any Jurisdiction

A copy of CREST’s Individual Complaints and Resolution handling measures can be downloaded here:
Individual Complaints and Resolutions Process (PDF)

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