Cyber Security Monitoring and Logging Guide


The Guide presents details about how to monitor and log cyber security events, some of which are potential indicators of compromise that can lead to cyber security incidents if not addressed quickly and effectively.  It offers practical advice on how to manage logs efficiently, deal with suspicious events, use cyber security intelligence and address challenges.  It is designed to enable you to prioritise and manage myriad event logs, build an effective cyber security monitoring process and learn about where and how you can get help.

The Guide provides advice and guidance on how to:

Its focus is on the overall cyber security monitoring process and is supported by analysis of cyber security-related events and cyber threat intelligence which brings context to the process.

The Guide will provide you with a good understanding of the most important elements of cyber security monitoring and logging, highlight the main challenges and describe ways in which they can be overcome.  A seven stage process has been designed to help you do this more effectively.  The Cyber Security Monitoring and Logging Guide will help organisations:

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