CREST Threat Intelligence Professionals

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CTIPs aims to improve the practice and the perception of Cyber Threat Intelligence by providing a representative body for the sector.

CREST Threat Intelligence Professionals (CTIPs) is a special interest group of CREST International established to represent Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practitioners and providers.  Membership is open to all members of the CREST threat intelligence membership discipline.  The CTIPs Sub-Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation in concert with CREST.

CTIPs defines its core mission through three broad objectives:

1.             Communication

i.        Asserting the value of CTI in helping organisations secure themselves against cyber attacks.
ii.       Outwardly seeking to advance the interests of the sector through provision of a consolidated body that represents the industry.  This includes conveying the value of CTI to organisations and regulators considering developing and implementing intelligence-led security testing schemes.
iii.      Facilitating communication, knowledge sharing, and engagement via hosting regular events and online media.
iv.       Providing Threat Intelligence Practitioners with practical information of value in the following domains:

•  Conduct of intelligence operations
•  Technical cyber expertise applicable to threat intelligence
•  Knowledge relating to specific domains (for example:  Banking, Telecoms, Nuclear)

v.        Acting as a forum for discussion and information sharing around Cyber Threat Intelligence related issues.
vi.       Helping buyers identify specific products and services and from appropriate providers.
vii.      Liaising with providers, regulators, regulated industries and other interested parties to manage demand-side peaks and troughs.

2.             Capacity

i.        Enhancing the quality and quantity of CTI providers offering services to ensure they consistently meet both high standards and increasing demand.
ii.        Promoting interest in CTI as a potential career pathway.
iii.       Providing a professional network of individuals working in CTI to facilitate continuous professional development.
iv.        Supporting CREST in accrediting training providers who can develop and advance individual careers in threat intelligence.

 3.             Quality

i.          Setting, maintaining and advancing high standards for threat intelligence among constituent organisations and individuals, and being an arbiter of the quality, professionalism and legal and ethical standards of its members.
ii.          Helping to define good practice through supporting CREST’s existing efforts to accredit threat intelligence providers; and providing a means – for example the CTI Maturity Assessment tool – by which companies and organisations can better understand and improve the ways in which they procure and consume threat intelligence.
iii.          Developing and maintaining relevant exams and promoting the uptake of these within the community.

CTIPs has also produced a Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence.  You can download a copy here:
CREST Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence