CREST Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing Focus Group

icon_star-ilpThe Focus Group is open to all members accredited to the STAR Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing discipline and its purpose is to be both reactive and proactive.  The Focus Group will:

As with the other CREST Focus Groups, it has Terms of Reference that include a formal process of elections to its Sub-Committee.  The Sub-Committee members are:

Dominic Chell – MDSec
Simon Clow – Context Information Security Ltd [current Chair and CREST GB Executive Lead]
Jason Cook – Context Information Security Ltd
Andy Hornegold – Mandiant FireEye
Geoff Jones – Cyberis Ltd
Apostolos Mastoris – F-Security Cyber Security Ltd
Ben Turner – Nettitude Ltd [Vice-Chair]

To get involved in this Focus Group, please email [email protected]