CREST in Australasia

The formal relationship between CREST International and CREST ANZ ended at the end of April 2019.  Since then, CREST International has established a new CREST Chapter in Australia with a Chairman and Advisory Board.  This replicates the model used throughout the rest of the world.  CREST International has also been involving Australian based companies in research and development projects and we are at advanced stages of planning a CRESTCon Australia in the first quarter of next year.

You can read more about CREST’s activities in Australasia here.

Company Membership
CREST International membership is based on a formal accreditation process.  This process has been assessed and deemed suitable for allowing members access to all relevant international Government and Regulator cyber security services schemes.   There are domestic and sector specific requirements included in some schemes.  These are all built into the membership accreditation process.

CREST ANZ has not chosen to adopt this accreditation standard and therefore CREST ANZ membership alone is not recognised by CREST International as being equivalent.

Within Australia there are domestic schemes such as the Cyber Security Small Business Programme.  This scheme requires membership of CREST ANZ.  It is not currently clear if CREST International membership will be accepted.  It is hoped that this position will be clarified shortly.

CREST International has also introduced the other disciplines supported by CREST International to the Australasian market.  The CREST International incident response, threat intelligence and SOC disciplines are also proving to be of significant interest to buyers in the region.

CREST International have now fully deployed the international suite of examinations to support the disciplines in Australia.  This makes these examinations consistent with the rest of the world.  The full suite of examinations will available in country from early October this year.  In addition, the examination equivalency recognition programmes that CREST International has established with Offensive Security and EC-Council also apply to the Australasian community through CREST International.

CREST ANZ has no rights to the CREST International suite of examinations, but may wish to accept them as suitable credentials for the domestic schemes it provides.

By way of clarification, CREST ANZ are unable to offer the current CREST International examinations and company accreditations.

CREST International recognises that this is currently not an ideal situation but is taking steps to provide clarity and a consistent approach.