Booking a CREST Examination

CREST examinations are tentatively held on the last Friday of every month throughout the year. For details of upcoming examination dates, please email [email protected]

For Singapore Citizens

CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA), CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT), CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester (CCT INF) and CREST Certified Web Applications Tester (CCT APP) are endorsed and supported under CITREP+.  Candidates must be Singapore Citizens at the point of exam commencement to be eligible and payment must be made in Singapore Dollars to AISP (Singapore) Pte Ltd.  To learn more about the funding support, claim conditions and application procedures, please visit

To book your place in the examinations, simply complete and drop the booking form, along with a cheque made payable to AISP (Singapore) Pte Ltd, at our office at:

116 Changi Road
#04-03 [email protected]
Singapore 419718
Tel: +65 6247 9552

Our operating hours are: Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm (except public holiday)

Alternatively, you can mail the completed form and cheque to the same address. Once your payment is received, you will receive an invoice (for claim purpose) and receipt via post.

For Non-Singapore Citizens

If you are not a Singapore Citizen, please use the booking form below and follow the instructions to book with CREST Singapore.  Details of how to make payment to CREST Singapore are contained in the booking form.

Pearson Vue
CREST Examinations can be paid for by credit card directly with Pearson Vue at the time of booking.

Alternatively if preferred, CREST Members can purchase Vouchers directly from CREST to cover the cost of examinations delivered at Pearson Vue Centres.

Vouchers can also be purchased directly from Pearson Vue.  The webpage is   This page can also be accessed via the CREST landing page at, by selecting ‘Purchase test vouchers’ in the ‘Related Links’ section on the right or in the Vouchers Store at .

Useful Information
You can download the following information from the links below:

CREST Singapore Examination Booking Form (PDF)

CREST Examination Terms and Conditions – includes hard disk drive wiping policy (opens in new window)

Examination Frequently Asked Questions (opens in new window)

Logistics and Timings for CREST Examinations in Singapore (opens in new window)

Special Arrangements for Candidates (opens in new window) – please note that candidates must advise CREST in advance of booking their examination and provide the requisite medical evidence to support their application for additional examination time. Candidates should consult the webpage linked here for full information and instructions.

You can read the CREST Privacy Policy on our website regarding personal data we hold.