CREST Codes of Conduct

The CREST Codes of Conduct contains basic principles of good business practice and ethics which are all-pervasive. They describe the standards of practice expected of Member Companies and individuals holding CREST certifications.

The Codes of Conduct set out CREST’s conduct requirements to enable Member Companies and Individuals holding CREST Qualifications to consider how best to achieve the right outcomes for their clients.

For Member Companies this means conduct as described in, but not limited to, the submission made to CREST for membership: It is incumbent upon the company to ensure that all relevant staff, contractors and partners are aware of the policies, processes and procedures submitted and reviewed by CREST.

For CREST Qualified Individuals this means that when providing services to a CREST Member Company, it is incumbent upon them to familiarise themselves and comply with the policies, processes and procedures of that CREST Member Company as they will be held to account for their actions.

The Codes are underpinned by effective client complaints handling measures.

Further details on our Codes of Conduct can be found here.