CREST Certification for Cyber Security Specialist, Stripe OLT





Stripe OLT, a cloud and cyber security specialist headquartered in Bristol, has joined an elite group of cyber security providers certified by CREST, the not for profit, cyber security accreditation and certification body.

Recognised for their proficiency in the practice and delivery of Penetration-Testing, Stripe OLT have recently emerged as one of the up-and-coming cloud and cyber security providers in the UK.

With a recent rise in cyber security attacks, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations are looking to specialists like Stripe OLT, to carry out robust security testing.

Also known as Pen-testing, this is a simulation technique used by ‘ethical hackers’ to test the fragility of business systems and security defences. Gaining notoriety as a key tool to analyse and improve business technology, this service has recently dominated the business landscape due to an increase in remote working and compliance requirements.

Ryan Pullen, Head of Cyber Security at Stripe OLT, said: “A data breach can occur to any one at any time, it doesn’t matter if you’re an SME or global corporation, just look at the recent Facebook breach – no one is exempt. We frequently come across complex networks and infrastructures that have been built without security in mind, but it’s now 2021 and organisations need to employ a security-first mindset – A penetration test is a great first step in understanding technical controls and how effective they are.

We’re extremely proud of this latest achievement and it only solidifies the skills and knowledge of our SecOps team. For us, it was essential to gain this accreditation to prove our commitment to this industry.”

Ian Glover, President of CREST said: “By achieving CREST accreditation, Stripe OLT positions itself as a trusted provider of penetration testing services and demonstrates that its business processes, data security and testing methodologies meet the highest standards.

With the continuing rise of sophisticated cyber-attacks from criminal and state-sponsored hacking groups, Stripe OLT is well-placed to take advantage of the growing demand for professional penetration testing services.”