EC-Council Global Services Receives CREST Membership


EC-Council Global Services has received CREST membership for meeting its standards for delivering the high-quality cyber incident response, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment services.

Albuquerque, NM (October 07, 2020) – EC-Council Global Services announced today that they have received CREST membership. This further recognizes EC-Council Global Services’ exemplary work in delivering effective and comprehensive cybersecurity services, specifically cyber incident response, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment services, in Asia.

EGS shares the commitment of CREST to provide firms the assurance that they will receive quality processes delivered by competent and knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals. We believe that our security experts set our managed services apart from others, so we are pleased that CREST membership includes an evaluation of our people.

“CREST is pleased to welcome EC-Council Global Services as an accredited member company’, said Ian Glover, President of CREST, ‘EC-Council Global Services has been through a demanding assessment process that examined test methodologies, legal and regulatory requirements, data protection standards, logging and auditing, internal and external communications with stakeholders, as well as how test data security is maintained. Awarding EC-Council Global Services membership for its penetration testing services means that we are formally recognising that the company consistently delivers the highest professional security services standards to its customers,” says Ian Glover CREST President.

By achieving CREST membership, EC-Council Global Services has proven to follow the appropriate policies and procedures to deliver exceptional cybersecurity services with highly skilled and qualified individuals and possess a working, current knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and techniques to execute these services.

“This membership is another pillar that shows that EC-Council Global Services takes trust seriously. EC-Council Global Services executes thousands of tests each year for some of the world’s most discerning and demanding firms. That’s why EC-Council shares CREST’s vision to deliver only the best experience when addressing critical security requirements,” says Maninder Singh, Executive Director of EC-Council Global Services (EGS).

About EC-Council Global Services:
EGS is a division of the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council. The EC-Council Global Services division houses some of the finest information-security professionals around the globe.

It is a division that is dedicated to helping organizations understand and manage their cybersecurity risk posture effectively. We specialize in developing information security knowledge, methodologies, and policies pertaining to information security consulting and managed services. EC-Council’s proprietary Licensed Penetration Testing methodology is tried, tested, and endorsed by thousands of penetration testers and information security experts worldwide, many of whom are working for Fortune 500 companies.

Enterprises hire us as their trusted advisors, and our philosophy of “Client First” permeates through the entire organization, even in the most demanding of times.

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