CREST USA Assessor’s Panel

The Assessors’ Panel would like to invite CREST Certified-level qualified consultants that are based full time in the USA and are employed by CREST member companies to apply for a position on the CREST USA Assessors’ panel. The initial panel work will be based in New York and assessors will need to attend meetings there. However, assessors are also needed across the USA to deliver exams at multiple locations according to candidate needs.
A position on the CREST Assessors’ panel is a rewarding position for an individual that wants to have a direct and positive influence on the security industry. The position also requires personal and corporate commitment in order to realise the true benefits of the role. Applicants should therefore be self-motivated and committed individuals. If you are interested and have the time and commitment to give to the role, please email Elaine Luck [email protected]