Armadillo Sec Announces CREST Membership

Armadillo Sec achieves CREST accreditation for penetrating testing and a Cyber Essentials certifying body

16 November 2017:
 Armadillo Sec has passed the demanding assessment required to become a member of CREST, the not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that represents the technical information security industry.  Armadillo Sec has now joined CREST as an accredited penetration testing service provider and Cyber Essentials certifying body.

As a CREST member company Armadillo Sec offers a demonstrable level of assurance when providing its penetration testing services and as a Cyber Essentials certifying body.  All CREST members sign up to a strict and enforceable code of conduct and buyers can be confident that work will be carried out by competent experts with up to date skills and knowledge.  CREST membership also assures that organisations have suitable policies, processes and procedures in place.  In addition, Armadillo Sec has a team of penetration testers that are certified by CREST to CCT (CREST Certified Tester) level in application and infrastructure testing.

“We are proud to be a CREST certified member company and a CREST accredited Cyber Essentials certifying body. Being a CREST member provides assurance to our clients that they will receive a first-class service from our skilled and highly competent consultants,” said Daniel Compton, Managing Director Armadillo Sec Ltd. “We are a family-owned and run company with many years of experience in the I.T and security industry and our team of testers are certified by CREST to CCT level in application and infrastructure penetration testing.  At Armadillo Sec our mission is to identify and reduce our clients risk areas making them less vulnerable to attack, just like our namesake the Armadillo which rolls into a ball leaving no vulnerable areas exposed when a threat is detected.”