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IRM_logo V11 no bgCourse Title:  Cyber Scheme Team Member (CSTM)
Length of Course:  5 days
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Useful preparation for:  CREST Registered Penetration Tester

CREST Overview
The course provides a good grounding in the knowledge and skills required of a CREST CRT consultant.   It is not by any means exhaustive, however no course of this length can be. It covers a wide range of topics, a large many of which are pre-requisite knowledge for anyone in the process of studying for the CRT qualification.

The practical aspects of the course would be of great benefit to CRT ready consultants and allow practical knowledge to be thoroughly tested or experience on unfamiliar topics to be gained.

The course does not concentrate solely on the technical but also provides a good introduction to the soft skills and assessment management skills required of a competent CRT consultant.

Overall this course would benefit a candidate as part of a structured revision programme and will assist in highlighting areas of deficiencies and focus further revision. This course has been given a recommend rating.

About the Course
IRM’s five day Cyber Scheme Team Member (CSTM) training course and exam is one of the most technically rigorous cyber security courses on the market.

The training is full of useful, real-world tips from IRM’s senior penetration testers and numerous of hands-on exercises designed to demonstrate real-world security testing strategies and tactics.  The CSTM course concludes with a full day of verbal, written and practical examinations.  The CSTM exam has been assessed against the high standards of the national technical authority for information assurance, CESG.

Learning Objectives
Understanding the components that make-up a successful penetration tester – thinking ‘outside-the-box’, carefully weighing up risk, methodical trouble-shooting, adhering to a time-tested process, carefully documenting results and producing a final report that achieves buy-in from technical teams and management;
Knowledge and practical experience of invaluable, subtle and less well known tactics and techniques gained over years of penetration testing experience;
Knowledge and practical experience of a professional penetration testing work-flow – how to conduct a successful project and overcome common pitfalls;
An industry recognised qualification, enabling candidates to conduct CHECK status security tests.

Hacking topics and skills covered include:

About IRM
Information Risk Management Ltd (IRM) is an award winning cyber-security consultancy and training provider of a diverse portfolio of training to facilitate career progression within the cyber security industry and educate on how to effectively defend organisations in the Digital Age.  Each of our cyber security training courses is authored and delivered by senior, expert and practicing cyber security consultants.