How to get your Training Course Assessed

CREST Accredited_training coursesImproving information risk management by raising the level of cyber security and information assurance skills across the UK is a recognised UK Government commitment.  Information Assurance (IA) Certification is widely available to the IA industry but what is less visible is reputable training courses to support learning and development within these sectors.

Why Accredited Training
In order to assist professionals who aspire to qualification or those who wish to acquire, maintain or extend their knowledge and capability, CREST will assess the content of courses in IA and cyber security against the framework for the CREST qualification.

In this way, anyone attending an accredited training course will know, in advance, how the content of that course will improve particular skills and, in some cases, advance capability against the skills required within the CREST qualification that they seek.

Accredited Training Course Providers
Any organisation that provides information assurance or cyber security training can submit courses for assessment and accreditation will be awarded against the content of a course, the syllabus for which should cover at least 65% of the subject matter of the appropriate CREST syllabus.  Organisations will then be able to market their successfully assessed courses as “CREST Accredited” and use the CREST Accredited logo to promote them.

Once a Course has been accredited, it will be referenced on the CREST website in both the Examination Preparation Material matrix and on each of the examination pages to which the course relates.  CREST reserve the right to conduct a full re-assessment after three years if appropriate.

Course Promotion
Once a course has been successfully assessed, its details are promoted on the CREST website and via our social media channels.  Individuals are then free to select courses that most closely match their particular development needs.

Organisations wishing to develop their staff along a particular career path can also utilise this mechanism to identify the most appropriate course(s).

Providers will also be entitled and encouraged to use the CREST logo in the promotion of their successfully assessed courses.

The assessment fees, which includes entry on CREST website after successful assessment are:

Length of Course Fee 
1 day £950
2 Days £1,200
3 Days £1,800
4 Days £2,400
5 Days £3,000
>5 Days Price on application











These fees include:

The fees above will apply regardless of the style of the course structure (ie. classroom [UK only] or e-learning).

CREST reserve the right to conduct full re-assessment after three years.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Next Steps
Download and complete the Application Form.

Want to talk to someone?  Please contact Elaine Luck at CREST.