Subsidy for CREST Company Membership

The Government will subsidise smaller firms to be CREST certified in the near term. Assistance will be in the form of 50% of the first year CREST company membership during the first two operating years of CREST Singapore Chapter. All applications for subsidies will be subject to eligibility checks. Some basic eligibility criteria are: 

  1. Companies need to have paid up capital of no more than S$50,000.
  2. Companies need to employ no more than 10 employees.
  3. Should there be a complaint filed against these certified companies and investigations find the complaint to be true, CREST Singapore Chapter will need to claw back the subsidy given by the Government from the companies.

To apply for CREST Company Membership, please visit Applying for Company Membership

To apply for the subsidy for CREST Company Membership, please email to [email protected].

The register of CREST company members along with the type of CREST professionals that they hire is found here