Is this your “Darkest Hour” for Customer security?


Invitation: Is this your “Darkest Hour” for Customer security?

Are finance CISOs facing their ‘darkest hour’?
Thursday 22 March 2018, Churchill War Rooms, London  17:00-22:00

Like Churchill in the recent film, CISOs in financial services face big challenges around customer security in banking. So to help address the issue, Churchill’s War Rooms are hosting a seminar featuring four speakers from 10x Banking, CREST, CallSign and Spirent to discuss the challenges, such as:

  • What are the major cyber threats that banks face today?
  • Is secure banking an unrealistic goal?
  • How will banks combat the cybercrime of the future, while keeping the customer experience as friendly and simple as possible?

The seminar starts at 18:00 on 22 March, but if you can get there earlier you can join a private tour of the rooms.

To apply for tickets, please visit

Paul Midian from the CREST Executive will be speaking at this CREST Member event