CREST awards first Fellowships

CREST has awarded its first lifetime CREST Fellowships in recognition of outstanding achievement or contribution to CREST and the technical information security industry.

“With support from those who hold CREST qualifications, CREST member companies and industry influencers, CREST has grown rapidly into an internationally recognised body with the highest levels of technical standards and governance, a strong code of ethics and a reputation for action and the ability to deliver,” explains Ian Glover, president of CREST. “That is why the introduction of the annual Fellowships is so important as they are a way to recognise and thank individuals who have made a significant contribution to build CREST and professionalise the cyber security industry.

In addition to the Fellowships awarded to CREST members, further awards were presented to recognise contributions from industry, government and academia. These included Buck Rogers, CISO of the Bank of England, Chris Ensor and Harry W from the NCSC, and posthumously to Stephanie Damon of the Cyber Security Challenge whose award was accepted on the night by Nigel Harrison. Special contribution awards were also given to Adriana Costa McFadden from CREST and Allie Andrews from PRPR.

This year’s ceremony and dinner took place at the Tanner Warehouse in Bermondsey, with CREST president Ian Glover presenting the awards with chairman Mark Tuner and ex-chairman Paul Midian.

Other CREST fellows for 2017 included: Abhijeet Udas, Alex Church, Andrew Davies, Arjun Pednekar, Daniele Costa, Dave Hartley, Dom Beecher, Dominic Chell, Ed Williams, Edward Torkington, Gabriel Caudrelier, Gary O’Leary-Steele, Gavin Jones, Gemma Moore, Geoff Jones, Greg Rudd (CREST Australia), Ian Lovering, John O’Meara, Jonathan Roach, Joseph Hart, Luke Jennings, Marcus Pinto, Mark Harrison, Mark Raeburn, Martin Law, Michael Woodhead, Paul Beechey, Paul Docherty, Paul Midian, Paul Vlissidis, Richard Dean, Rory McCune, Simon Clow, Stuart Criddle and Tobias Clarke.

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